KFSM Correction 10/12/2016

It has come to our attention that there was an unfortunate error on the part of KFSM Channel 5 News in Fort Smith. Channel 5 ran a story on 10/11/2016 pertaining to the allegations and indictment of an individual in the Fort Smith area.  During this story, KFSM Channel 5 showcased multiple shots of the Advantage Title and Escrow office in Fort Smith with the implication that our business was associated with and/or affiliated with this person.  Channel 5 has verbally acknowledged that they mistakenly assumed that this individual owned part of our company based on the address used by a previous business in the same location.  Although Channel 5 plans to take corrective action to address the story, we feel it’s prudent to ensure that our client and community trust is not impacted by the misperception portrayed in this story.  Advantage Title & Escrow is not now and has never been affiliated with anyone involved in this unfortunate investigation.

Our effort to correct this error in perception should not diminish the unfortunate circumstances that warranted this story. Our hearts go out to those in this community affected by the tragedy referenced in this story.


Anthony Sayadian
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