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We coordinate all aspects of title and escrow services, working closely with real estate agents, homeowners, and lenders for a seamless experience. We also work with builders ensuring deeds are clear and properties are off to a clean start.


Are you a realtor or someone in the process of buying a home? Let us help ensure all documents related to the ownership of a property are in order before real estate transactions are executed. We pride ourselves on making this a great experience for everyone involved.


Purchasing an office, warehouse, retail space, or land? Congrats! We can help from escrow all the way to signing and processing your paperwork. Not only that, but our agents are experienced in creating customized closing documents that are vital to most commercial real estate transactions - including yours.


Want to take advantage of lower interest rates, shorten the term of your mortgage, or tap into your home equity? Whatever the reason for refinancing, we'll make sure the closing goes smoothly while safeguarding your transaction. We help homeowners and lenders alike feel confident every step of the way.


Want to be sure the property you're buying doesn't have any unknown claims or restrictions against the property? Our team can provide a thorough investigation by examining public records and various databases so you have all of the facts and information you need to proceed.


Even the most thorough title searches can't be perfectly accurate. That's where title insurance comes into play. Title insurance helps eliminate any risk or loss caused by issues in the title before you or your client owned the property. To calculate costs, download our app!


Need help facilitating a 1031 tax exchange? We can do that, too! Contact us for more information.
What can I say about Advantage Title? As a lender, my biggest priority is how well can a business partner help our clients in buying a home or refinancing. From the moment I notify Advantage Title that their services are needed, they are on top of everything. Communication is really critical in our industry and they consistently provide a level of communication that never leaves me in doubt that they are taking care of everything needed to ensure a smooth and timely closing. This extends to their back office doing all the research to their front line coordinating with the bank and ensuring that people and money is where it needs to be so someone can buy a home or refinance. They are completely transparent in their business and willing to listen to ideas to improve the overall client experience and lastly, their pricing is very competitive! I value relationships and that is what Advantage Title gives me. Their relationship with my business allows me to focus on other things because when it comes to providing title services, I know that Advantage Title will take care of me and my clients
Nathanial Craig, AVP, Mortgage Lender


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